Tracking device installed on a rotating telehandler

Manitou needed to have a tracking device fitting to one of their client's elevating platforms to prevent it from being stolen

Vehicle tracking for industrial machinery

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Most industrial machinery like this rotating telehandler  from Manitou may spend their life on a construction yard or in a storage area waiting for their next job or contract. These type of vehicles are obviously extremely expensive and if they are stolen it can not only lead to the financial loss of the vehicle but also job booking revenue too.


Manitou needed to use our mobile installation service in Sydney to get a vehicle tracking system set up for this rotating telehandler before it went back to their client after getting a service done.


They chose our VT5 Fleet Vehicle Tracking unit that can be controlled using a laptop or smartphone to track all the vehicles. It means an operator can be out in the field and either they, or the team in the office can check where the vehicle is at all times. This is a good solution if the vehicle will be left overnight on a construction site and not returned to base. 


There are normally two options for these trackers – the standard one just uses a pre-paid sim, so its a low cost choice & you get an alert if the vehicle moves. For just $176 per annum you can add live tracking so you can see the vehicle on a map either via a smartphone or laptop. For business owners it can mean you can quickly retrieve your vehicle before any damage is done or simply find where staff have left them so that your assets are kept under control.


The installation was fairly straight forward, actually it was a bit of exercise for me getting up and down the steps into the cockpit but worth it in the end with a concealed installation. The vehicles are being used to build the Westconnex tunnel system in Sydney so they appreciated being able to use a mobile installer in Sydney like CCS Technology.

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