Mobile installer for truck alarm or tracker

Tradies should think about their vehicles with all their tools on board. We installed this alarm and tracker after the owner nearly had their truck stolen

Keep your truck & tools safe with an alarm and tracker

The owner of Sawbench Carpentry had to chase a guy who was trying to break into his truck to try and steal his tools. The thief managed to get away and didn’t steal anything fortunately. Although it highlights a huge problem for tradies who park their vehicles on job sites, their home or on public roads with all their tools either in site, or a vehicle with lots of signage.


It is a magnet for thieves.



In most tradies trucks are thousands of dollars worth of tools & in many cases they may not even be covered by business insurance depending on the inclusions in your policy.



So for this mobile install we fitted our Smart Alarm and Tracker so that both the vehicle and even the tool boxes are protected. It will give the owner a better chance next time of deterring a theft from occurring. For this late model Isuzu truck it has keyless entry as standard (like most of them these days.



We did a mobile installation of a factory alarm upgrade which improves the the factory remote & turns it into a full alarm system that includes an additional immobiliser over and above the standard Isuzu vehicle security system. Additional wireless switches installed on all the toolbox openings make the vehicle even more secure. The new wireless switches are fantastically versatile, if your needs change and you have to add a trailer it can also be alarmed using the same system, the switches will operate within a 30 metre radius.



This is perfect for tradies who are starting out with a single vehicle but then add toolboxes or need to tow other equipment to job sites & need to keep it safe. We can install antitheft vehicle car alarm upgrades, a VT5 vehicle tracker & wireless reed switches anywhere with our mobile fitting service.

Keeping tools safe in a tradie's vehicle

I’m a tradie of sorts myself, so I know how important it is to keep my tools & equipment safe in the mobile CCS Technology van. If you do some research these are the top recommendations for keeping tools safe.

  • Hardened steel chains & high-quality padlocks – yeah I realise you can buy padlocks for maybe ten dollars, but ultimately what you save can cost you later with someone easily breaking it. Same for chains, the high quality ones will deter someone trying to use bolt cutters for a quick cut & run theft.
  • Custom made toolbox using heavy-duty steel – there are steel fabricators like Pro Steel Engineering who can custom make a toolbox to fix your specific vehicle. It means instead of using the cheap, generic ones you can have something that is made from tough steel and with heavy duty hinges etc. The other benefit is better use of space & height for your equipment or way of working.
  • Keep your batteries and charger separate from power tools – sounds so simple right, but think about it. The manufacturers of battery powered tools make their money on selling the batteries that are specific to your model. They have you locked into their system so they give away the main tool & charge a fortune for the batteries. So keep them separate and away from being seen.
  • Installing interior deadbolts to your ute – there are manual or electric choices. It might even be possible to connect them to your vehicle’s remote keyless system. That way, they’ll lock and unlock when you push a button on your key fob.
  • Engrave your tools – this might deter would be a thief if they can see the tools with your identification details. Engraving your tools makes it much harder for people to sell them and if they’re recovered, it means the police can find you easily. If your tools are clearly marked, it may also deter people from taking them altogether as they can see you are taking precautions.
  • Keep your tools locked away – yeah yeah I know, this is obvious right, but I see so many tradies who leave their toolbox unlocked. Even if you’re leaving your tools unattended for a short period, keep them secure as a lot of theft is opportunistic. 
  • Don’t leave tools on site unlocked – don’t rely on the security available at a site. Take home all of your tools and materials at the end of the day unless you want to risk them not being there in the morning. If you need to leave anything on site, make sure it’s appropriately secured or locked up somehow.
  • Make sure your vehicle is secure – most tradies keep their tools in the car that has signage & is very obvious what might be inside. However you need to have security in mind so apart from always locking your vehicle if your tools are inside you can add a tracker or sensors to the tool boxes to sound an alarm. It only takes a minute for a thief to open your door and grab your tools. Keep your tools out of sight inside your vehicle and invest in a bolted down toolbox if you have a ute. 
  • Property and tools insurance – even I am surprised how many tradies don’t insure their tools. Luckily, there is cover you can put in place if the worst happens. If you’re a tradie who uses tools as a main part of your job then you need to have general property insurance & this can actually specify individual items of equipment. Repairs and replacements can be very pricey which is why insurance cover is essential.

Reversing cameras for old trucks

For older trucks that are used for tradies, we can also install reversing cameras into the cabin to make parking and moving around congested streets even easier. It’s not always possible to have someone guide you out of a job site or into a parking spot, so the camera can solve lots of problems.


We can also install a dash cam system so you can record things going on around the vehicle when you are driving, or even parked up. This can give you even more security because you can view the video footage to see who was around the vehicle prior to any incident.

Cruise control for old trucks

Quite a lot of tradies are travelling long distances between Sydney, Gold Coast & Brisbane and all the newer freeways have speed cameras or even average speed camera detection systems. There are also lots of building developments up or down the coast so people are commuting to get to them.


We can install cruise control on older trucks that don’t have it, our mobile service comes to you & we can put in a stalk mounted control or even a dash mounted unit. This is a good way to avoid picking up speeding fines.

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