Immobiliser installed for imported Camaro muscle car

This '67 Camaro has been in Australia for just 6 weeks. We installed an immobiliser and tracker to this muscle car

Immobiliser & tracker installations for muscle cars in Sydney

A big welcome to the muscle car tribe. This client just bought his first muscle car after dreaming of owning one for many, many years. The 1967 Chevy Camaro is a popular classic muscle car and he finally found and bought his first one. It had been restored a while ago & presented really well, a great blue colour too. 



He has had it in Australia for about 6 weeks and has already put aftermarket rims on the car (keen eyes will spot the originals in the reflection of the door) 



So he asked CCS Technology to install an immobiliser and vehicle tracking system so that he could keep the car safe. No surprise really because classic muscle cars are high on the list of theft choices for their parts. The immobiliser is a good start but installing a tracker means you can locate the vehicle quickly using your mobile phone or computer if it is taken.


So fitted to this classic muscle car (as we do with most vehicles) is;

  • A proximity immobiliser which is a 2 x cut immobiliser which normally interrupts both the Ignition and Starter, or Starter and Fuel
  • We also added our VT5 Vehicle Tracker in its standard form which is very cheap to run & costs very little you just need a pre-paid SIM top up each month or year depending which one you buy. You get alerts if the vehicle is moved.
  • The option which some classic car owners choose is to upgrade to is to also have ‘Live Tracking’ added to their service. This only costs $176 per annum and means any Smartphone / Laptop can see the dot moving on an electronic map when accessed. This means you can physically track the vehicle as it is moving on a phone or computer to see where it is being driven to. It’s the best way to quickly find a vehicle or chase after your partner or kids if they drive off with your car! 


As always the installation in this vehicle was fairly straight forward as we have installed thousands of products on classic muscle cars over the years. I know how much each owner wants to try and keep their pride & joy as original as possible, so I make sure I avoid scratching dash surfaces or cutting parts of the car etc to have a oem look where possible.


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