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It’s pretty simple, as a vehicle owner you want to keep your vehicle secure to avoid it being stolen. The choice of car alarm that you get installed will depend on lots of variables relating to your vehicle. CSS Technology can supply and install insurance company approved car alarms, immobilisers and tracking devices to keep your vehicle safe. We are a car alarm installer that is mobile, we drive to you.

In the old days it was a ‘kill switch’ that did the job, in today’s world we can upgrade a factory central locking system to include an alarm, add vehicle tracking via smartphone or GPS and even provide distance sensing immobiliser systems.

With over 30 years experience in the industry CSS Technology can provide and install the right security solution for your vehicle in with our mobile installation service that covers Sydney, Gold Coast, Tweed Heads and Brisbane.

Nigel Apps CCS Technology Sydney mobile installer to repair car alarms and cruise controls and tracking systems

Get a new car alarm installed

Mobile installer available in all suburbs

CCS Technology Australian owned and operated company in Sydney

What have people said about our mobile install services?

Hundreds of clients have used CSS Technology for many years

Have been using Nigel for well over 20 years.

The service and the knowledge Nigel delivers is second none and in my opinion there is no company that would even come close to delivering what Nigel and the team deliver!

John Fownes

I first used Nigel Apps at his place in AUBURN Then again in Siverwater again at Rydamere after going through my diary. Now again at Ermington .

Does that tell you my faith in his workmanship

Peter Smith

Excellent Service , Price and a Speedy Job Done on fitting Cruise Control to my 2008 Nissan Elgrand you would think it was Original from the Factory the way it has been installed , Nice Work Nigel.

Graeme Parkinson

Nigel was great to deal with and had awesome product knowledge.Thanks for sorting our alarm issue!

Jackson Britian

Prompt, reliable, reasonable price.

MANY thanks!

Martin Tuckwell

Nigel is a true professional, we have been using his services for over 5 years now and it been impeccable.

Thomas Pagano
Aftermarket car alarms installed

New or factory alarm upgrade product options

For vehicles that don’t already have a car alarm installed we can supply and fit a brand new system to your vehicle. Our car alarm pricing includes the installation cost with a range of products available to suit different makes and models. Our alarms are suitable for cars, vans, camper vans and trucks.

Additionally, we can repair or replace a factory or an aftermarket car alarm for you with a choice of affordable options in order to ensure that your vehicle is safe at all times.

CCS Technology car alarm mobile installer in Sydney stand alone smart alarm

A stand alone smart alarm is a car security system with two remote controls that connects to your central locking.

CCS Technology car alarm mobile installer in Sydney Factory Upgrade OEM Key Fob

You can upgrade the factory supplied key fob so that it operates as a full car alarm system for many vehicle models.

CCS Technology car alarm mobile installer in Sydney Truck or Van Alarm Systems

Our truck alarm system can interface into your existing heavy vehicle to suit various uses to protect tools, loads or equipment.

CCS Technlogy mobile installer of central locking systems for vehicles in Sydney

We offer car alarms and central locking installations as part of our services. For older cars, especially classic cars, this combination suits them well as they don't have keyless entry. It is the best way in which you can add convenience to your vehicle as well as security quickly

Passive arming immobilisers installed

Stand alone or factory upgrade product options

The most basic form of car alarm is a passive arming immobiliser. It is the modern version of a ‘kill switch’ but these days it is a lightweight tag or key that you take with you. As soon as you move away from the vehicle it is immobilised making it difficult to operate without a key. This type of electronic security device is fitted to a motor vehicle to prevents an engine from running unless the correct key is present. It reduces the chance of a vehicle being “hot wired” after entry has been achieved and thus reduces motor vehicle theft.

The non-intrusive nature of this type of car security system is excellent for classic car restorations that need to maintain a factory look and can’t have items installed on a dash, steering column or door.

CCS Technology car alarm mobile installer in Sydney proximity transponder

A lightweight tag that can disarm your vehicles immobiliser when you are close to it. The receiver antenna can be easily hidden.

CCS Technology car alarm mobile installer in Sydney stand alone smart alarm

A remotely controlled immobiliser can set or disarm the system, open or lock doors & even a boot release mechanism.

CCS Technology car alarm mobile installer in Sydney HSV ISS system repairs
HSV ISS or ESS Servicing

CSS Technology was the NSW installer for HSV's Integrated Security Systems (ISS) systems. The HSV VR series were retrofitted, VS Series 1 was fitted by an installer in each state of Australia while the VS Series 2 and VT 1 were factory fitted. After those models HSV moved to the ESS system and CCS Technology were also contracted to install and service these systems. So we can help HSV owners in Sydney to service, repair or replace these security systems.

Vehicle tracking systems installed

GPS tracking for classic cars or fleet management needs

If you are old enough you’ll remember Knight Rider and KITT with all the technology in the world. Well these days smartphones pack even more functionality and they can be used to track your vehicle too (but it won’t drive itself back to you, yet) 

We can install different types of GPS vehicle tracking systems & there are different choices that can compliment a car alarm installation or even provide live tracking. By knowing where your vehicle is and receiving an alert it makes it easy to relocate quickly.

An ideal solution for classic car collectors of rare vehicles or businesses who need to keep track of a fleet of vehicles like trucks, transport equipment, delivery vans or earth moving equipment.

CCS Technology car alarm mobile installer in Sydney VT2 Tracking Device SMS Alerts

Original unit controlled by sending SMS commands via 3G or CDMA

CCS Technology car alarm mobile installer in Sydney VT5 Tracking Device

Controlled from an APP
via 4G Telstra only

CCS Technology mobile installer in Sydney VT5 Fleet Vehicle Tracker for PC or Smartphone

Controlled via laptop or smartphone
to track vehicles.

Need to fix a car alarm?

We can repair your broken car alarm system.

If you have a broken car alarm system CSS Technology can provide our mobile servicing and repair options to cover most locations in Sydney. Maybe your proximity alarm system isn’t working quite right or you need to make the siren alarm louder – either way we can fix it for you.

The cost to fix a car alarm will vary depending on the location of the vehicle, its age, model and type of alarm that needs to be fixed.

Classic Car Alarm mobile installer service in Sydney by CCS Technlogy Nigel Apps


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Car Alarms for classic, muscle and sports cars

In the world of cars and machines on four wheels, Classic Cars are considered the most valuable. Owners spend a lot of time and a real money on their maintenance, which makes them a very popular target for car thieves who are usually focused on car parts that they can sell quickly. Since it is extremely difficult to replace those parts, let alone the vehicles themselves, if they do get stolen, it is highly likely they won’t be seen again. 

It is critically important to take proper security measures to avoid losing your pride and joy. CCS Technology has various ways to ensure maximum protection for your classic or collectable cars.

Car Alarms are considered to be the most popular car theft-deterrent system and are used to alert car owners if any bad guys are trying to get access into their vehicles. Modern vehicles usually have a factory Alarm system fitted by the manufacturer. Classic Cars, on the other hand, most do not have any security devices fitted as standard and thus remain unprotected. And the more a Classic Car ages, the more it is at risk for car theft.

It is therefore, important to secure your ride with a high-quality aftermarket Security System and keep it closely monitored at all times. The fact is, however, that Classic Car owners often don’t want to spoil the authentic look of their Classic vehicle by a non-genuine flashing light. This can be solved by installing the Alarm unit’s LED to a more discreet place so that the light is not obvious or can only be visible at night. Since people have become numb to Car Alarm sirens due to a large number of triggered alarms, Car Alarms are rarely considered a potential threat and thus rarely reported to the Police. For this reason, it is essential to choose a good-quality aftermarket Alarm that enables notifying to a mobile phone via a text message from your Tracking device.

If you would like to ensure the best protection for your Classic Car, make sure to get a good quality GPS Tracking device. Not only will it show a real-time location of your vehicle, but it will also alert you in case someone is trying to tamper with your vehicle. Modern GPS Trackers actually come with the advanced notification system that provides real-time mobile notifications if any unusual event is detected on or near the vehicle.

For budget restricted applications an Immobiliser is a great start.

Car Alarms for modern vehicles

Many vehicle manufacturers have not included a car alarm installed from factory. In some cases they may have been offered as an option with most recent cars at least including an immobiliser of some type. For more expensive modern vehicles an alarm combined with GPS tracking can be the best way to stop your vehicle from being stolen, or at least recovered quickly.

It is possible to service, repair or replace a car alarm system even in relatively modern cars. At the end of the day it is an electronic system that can be disabled or removed completely depending on the make or model. This provides plenty of options for a car owner to improve the level of security their vehicle has, especially if it is something desirable that thieves are targetting.

Common questions we get asked

There are hundreds of brands and models of car alarm available for sale in Australia. Price for a new car alarm system can cost from $150 to $900 depending on the product chosen. It is important to also consider the installation cost and this will vary depending on the vehicle and where it is located. Every installation will require a different scope of work to complete.

The cost for a mobile car alarm installation will vary from $200 to $1,500 depending on the work required for the installation. A simple replacement will be different to a custom installation and fitting. Every installation will require a different scope of work to complete and we can happily provide a quotation to supply and fit an alarm.

Removing a car alarm is sometimes not very simple, it depends how it is integrated into the vehicle & its systems. We can help you remove, repair or replace a car alarm system.