Mobile installer for cruise control Chrysler 300C

Chrysler couldn't fix the original cruise control on this second-hand 300C. So we built a custom made cruise control kit to solve the problem & installed it for them.

A mobile installer that can fix cruise control systems

The owner of this Chrysler 300C had started to experience some problems with the factory fitted cruise control that was on the vehicle. They took it to a local dealer but they weren’t able to resolve the issue & the solutions provided were just too expensive. 

The vehicle had been purchased by the owner from a used car dealer & the factory fitted adaptive cruise control system simply did not work. Chrysler quoted around $7,000 to repair it and apparently it wasn’t a guaranteed fix either. The used car dealer wouldn’t pay that sort of money for the repair, so CCS Technology supplied & fitted a conventional aftermarket cruise control unit to this Chrysler sedan. 

The CAN BUS system in the steering wheel prevented us from interfacing the OEM switch, so we ended up installing a stalk mounted switch. There was some evidence of a the car perhaps being involved in an accident previously & it looked like the repairs didn’t use genuine Chrysler parts which may have contributed to the adaptive system not working correctly.


Sometimes when a factory fitted item fails on a vehicle the dealer will most likely recommend a replacement. It is more cost effective for them to suggest this vs spending hours trying to diagnose a fault or where the problem is being caused. Of course, selling aftermarket parts to vehicle owners who are out of their original warranty is how most manufacturers make their major profits too. 


So for this Chrysler 300C we provided mobile installation of a custom made cruise control kit. We went to the owners home to install it. We used one of our stalk mounted cruise control products which matches the look of the factory switchgear & it also included a small indicator light on the dash as well.


We were very careful with the installation to make sure all the wiring didn’t damage any of the dashboard & everything looks like it came from factory as well, so this will help when it comes time to sell the car.

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