Truck reversing camera & security for promotional vehicles

We were contracted by Youi Insurance to fit out their promotional vehicle with alarm, tracker, reversing camera and electric brake device
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Reversing camera & vehicle security installation in Sydney

CCS Technology was engaged by YOUI to help fit out their promotional vehicles that were going to be used for promotional purposes around NSW. These trucks needed to be fitted with;

  • Vehicle truck alarm
  • Vehicle tracking system
  • Reversing camera
  • Electric brake device
YOUI wanted to make sure the vehicles were as safe as possible for either their own staff or the promotional agencies to use, especially in busy public places. This is an example of the custom installation we can do for aftermarket automotive accessories which can include things like lighting, parking sensors or other devices.
The vehicle tracking system is particularly important for YOUI because from their head office they can check where the vehicles are at any point in time via laptop or mobile phone app.
Our mobile installation service in Sydney was able to do all the work at Empire Vehicles who were managing the fit out of the trucks at the time.

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