Drifta 12V electrical mobile installation for Toyota Landcruiser

This 200 Series Land Cruiser had a new multi switch panel installed, LED lights & other accessories to make camping or road trips a bit easier.

A mobile installer for 4WD electrical switches or lighting in Sydney

The Toyota Landcruiser has been top of the list of 4WD’s to buy in Australia for many years. The latest 200 series is pretty hard to come by with stock of new vehicles across the industry at record lows as components are hard to come by.



Fortunately for the new owner of this Landcruiser they were able to jump the waiting list due to an order cancellation. They called CCS Technology because they wanted help getting some electrical items fitted to the vehicle.



CCS Technology is a leading mobile installation specialist in Sydney that many people choose for new or used vehicles to save money compared to paying a dealer to get accessories installed. With our van & equipment, we provide a mobile service making it easy & convenient to get things installed.



This Landcruiser was getting prepared to be used for camping and 4WD’ing which is great to see. So many SUV’s or 4WD’s these days are just driven on local roads. They had already installed a Drifta low voltage 12V cut off switch panel but they wanted some other electrical items installed into the 4WD.


We supplied and fitted a multi touch screen panel to operate the side mounted camping lights. The owner of the Toyota had supplied & fitted the lights already & we completed the wiring installation for them. We also ran a cable for a roof rack mounted light bar with the cabling running all the way back to the dash for when they source their light to be installed. The owner wanted a multi switch panel installed as well as some other accessories to make camping a bit more practical. 



Getting these types of electrical automotive accessories installed on 4WD’s, vans, camper vans or motorhomes is becoming more popular as more people are using them to travel, but also work remotely. So you can install a full system that has solar panels, lithium batteries, inverter, USB charging sockets and other electrical items.



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