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More than 25 years experience

Operating since 1993

My name is Nigel Apps, the founder of CCS Technology Pty Ltd and an avid car enthusiast. I’ve spent my life around vehicles of all types, including my own classic car restorations.

CCS Technology was born out of love & passion for helping car and bike enthusiasts – Collector, Classic, Modified. The CCS moniker works well with that business name.

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Mobile aftermarket automotive installer of choice for leading brands and government departments.

An unrivalled history

"It became apparent that many of our opposition’s installers and the Companies themselves, who had entered the Cruise Control market were trained or had guidance from Nigel. Many of those companies are now out of business due to the motor industry changing ways and the installers not having the history or experience to deal with whats required nowadays. Cruise Control Specialists still maintains the edge when it comes to experience and professionalism in our market."

Graham Bach - former Director Command Auto Group
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My background

I’ve spent my life in this industry and have accumulated over 35 years of experience working with cruise control systems and other automotive systems for major brands either OEM or Aftermarket. One of my former roles included working for Zemco Australia as Sales and Marketing Manager and also handling most of the technical enquiries and mobile repairs for Zemco Cruise Controls in NSW. 


Incorporated in 1993

I founded the business as a Sole Trader in April 1993 under the name ‘The Cruise Control & Alarm Specialist’, then incorporated into a company on July 1st 1993 as Cruise Control Specialists Pty Ltd.

The first expansion program took place in August 1994, with the appointment of our first full-time technician, making it two mobile service vehicles available. It wasn’t long before more staff were hired and trained, making it four mobile service units in Sydney. 


Early 2000’s

The name was changed to CCS Technology Pty Ltd in early 2000, to accommodate the growing array of products and services that we were offering. 

One of the biggest motivators for creating this new business was simply out of frustration. I was seeing so many rough and dangerous cruise control installations being completed that were not up to standard. Many of these were from automotive industry service providers who, to be frank, should have known better. 

So providing repairs and corrections to existing installations became an ongoing element of the business. Although, thankfully, this slowly reduced and today around 30% of CCS Technology’s work comes from sub-contracting to other firms who seek a specialist installer.

Graham Bach (former Director of the Command Auto Group, the sole importer of market-leading Cruise Control in Australia) is a keen supporter due to the professionalism and work ethic demonstrated by CCS Technology over the years & the high-quality workmanship delivered over the years.

2020 to today

The whole world has gone through a history-defining change. So I made the decision to do the same with my business. With the evolution of self-driving cars, inner-city living and modern vehicles including cruise control as standard, I decided to re-focus my efforts in the classic car space.

It won’t be long now before most of us are driving electric cars, so I want to help all the passionate car loves that have an old sports car, restored classic or vintage car or even a rare Australian muscle car keep it safe. 

I can install car alarms, vehicle trackers, immobilisers or even things like cruise control, central locking into vehicles of practically any age or type. As a mobile service it means I can come to your storage facility, house or hidden warehouse to complete the work you need.

Classic Car Alarm mobile installer service in Sydney by CCS Technlogy Nigel Apps

A passion for anything with wheels

Trust your vehicle with someone who loves everything automotive

Apart from helping other vehicle owners, I have also worked on my own cars. Here are some photos of my pride and joy which you might spot at places like the Cooly Rocks classic car event or a local car and coffee morning somewhere.

I get great pleasure in seeing car collections and vehicles being restored in clients garages. I also make sure to cover any number plates if I take any photos and keep any location confidential.